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WeHo Bike/Ped Update is Moving Forward

bike ped meetingAs you’ve probably heard, the City of West Hollywood will be working on an update to its bike & pedestrian plan for most of this year. And on Saturday, they kicked off the public meeting component with a delightful workshop, where we gathered into groups around maps of the city and drew a wish list of bike/ped improvements.

Mayor Abbe Land was in attendance, and welcomed everyone to the workshop. “I’ve been a strong proponent of increasing biking here,” she said, pointing to the emphasis in active transportation in planning documents like the Climate Action Plan, Bike Task Force Report, and General Plan. And, she said, “it’s not like we just talk about it — we actually DO things. And we can do a lot more.” (Check out a gallery of photos from the event here.)

Consultants for the city have been collecting data since April: conducting bike counts, analyzing collision data, and identifying problem-areas. Now, they’re ready to hear from the public.

And they got an earful: by the end of the meeting, participants had heavily marked up the maps with requests for everything from traffic calming to bike racks to street furniture.

Some primary concerns that emerged:
– Safety
– Connections to nearby communities
– Education

So, what’s next? The city will hold more events, including group walks and rides, in the coming weeks. In the mean time, you can take a survey about your experiences biking in WeHo, and another about walking in WeHo.