Willoughby / Vista-Gardner / King’s Greenway Project

West Hollywood’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Mobility Plan (2017) identified Willoughby Avenue, Kings Road and Vista-Gardner Streets as providing a missing link in the City’s existing bike network.  The cities of West Hollywood and Los Angeles have proposed making these streets more comfortable and inviting for people of all ages and abilities who choose to walk and bike. See the City’s website for more information about the project.

In collaboration with the City of L.A., the City of West Hollywood has installed traffic-calming “temporary installations” through August, 2022 on Willoughby Ave. at Ogden Drive (diverter), Spaulding Ave. (curb extensions/”bulb-outs”) and Curson Avenue (traffic circle) to reduce and slow cut-through traffic on this residential street.  West Hollywood has posted information and a video on their “Willoughby–Kings–Vista/Gardner Street Design Project” webpage.

You can show your support for slowing and reducing traffic on Willoughby Avenue as follows:

Feedback to West Hollywood staff can be provided via the comment box on the project webpage, or to submit the following supportive statements, send the corresponding letters A, C, and E via text message to (844) 300-1624:

“I like the Diverter at Ogden/Willoughby” – Text “A”
“I like the Corner Curb Extensions at Spaulding/Willoughby” – Text “C”
“I like the Mini Roundabout at Curson/Willoughby” – Text “E”

In addition, West Hollywood will host two virtual workshops at the end of August to seek community input on the Project.

Thursday, August 25, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday, August 27, 2022 at 9:30 a.m.
Online — RSVP links for each meeting are posted at the project webpage

Issues to consider

• Residents along and near Willoughby Ave. have been demanding traffic reduction for many years.

• Heavy traffic on Willoughby Avenue endangers bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers.

• Crossing Willoughby Ave. by foot can take a long time due to the level of cut-through traffic.

• Elderly neighbors (and senior dogs) cannot cross quickly and the level and speed of cut through traffic creates a hazard.

• Reducing traffic will help to create a relatively safe, comfortable route for bicyclists and pedestrians.

• Willoughby Ave. will be returned to a neighborhood street for the well-being of those living on and near it.

• Delays in planning mean that evaluation and implementation of the project are urgently needed.

• Surveys show most people want to bike more, but are afraid to do so because of fear of being hit by a motor vehicle. Creating a safe bike network is essential to reducing car-trips, which are California’s #1 contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. 

• We have no east/west bike lanes east of Kings Road in West Hollywood. We need a safe, comfortable space for people of all ages to bike and use scooters.

• The temporary diverter and roundabout have reduced the amount of traffic on Willoughby Ave. and reduced speeds of car traffic. However, some motorists are ignoring the diverter and driving toward ongoing traffic or making U turns on Ogden Drive. Additional infrastructure and enforcement is necessary to ensure the most hazardous drivers are not using Willoughby Ave. as their freeway, while ignoring traffic laws and endangering pedestrians and bicyclists.

Some specific suggestions:

• LA and WeHo should install traffic diverters on Willoughby Ave. like that at Ogden Dr. in both directions to further reduce cut-through traffic.

• LA and WeHo should install multiple traffic circles on Willoughby Ave. like that at Curson Ave. to slow vehicular traffic.

• Signage should probably be added to explain Willoughby Ave. is a bike route and that thru-traffic is not allowed, at least in area areas with diverters. 

• A bike lane should be installed on Vista/Gardner Streets between Willoughby Ave. and Fountain Ave. to provide a safer route to Plummer Park and other destinations. 

• Bike/scooter detectors at the traffic signal at Kings Road and Santa Monica Blvd. would help bike and scooter riders wishing to turn left into the bike lanes on Santa Monica Boulevard.

• Curb extensions (bulb-outs) should be configured using colored paint and/or bollards to allow bikes to pass through them while cars pass on the left.