Who Bikes in WeHo?

Lots of people, that’s who! This is where we feature some of the awesome cyclists who take their bike out on the road in our neighborhood.

If you would like to be featured on our Who Bikes in WeHo? page, send a picture (jpeg) and a short (150 words) statement. You can tell us your name and why you ride (and even what kind of bike you ride), or what you love about riding your bike, or tell us about a favorite West Hollywood spot you like to ride to! You can include one URL link, too!Send your submission to: info@wehobike.org.

Jenny Arata
“I ride a GT Timberline Fitness Series hybrid (2008).  I usually ride a minimum of 50 miles per week with commuting alone, but I like getting my mileage up to 100 a week, which it was before being sidelined recently with a crash.  I ride for activity and also to save wear and tear on my old vehicle.   One of my favorite places to ride to isn’t in West Hollywood but to Temescal Canyon Blvd. via the beach bike path (34 miles RT). Longest local ride was 58 miles but want to do longer rides and am planning a cross-country USA trip in a few years.  When not biking I work PT as a caretaker for a disabled woman, I write, am getting certified as a nutritional consultant, and I also have my own custom cookie business at http://www.signaturesweetshoppe.com
Tess. Lotta
“I bike WeHo, riding either a vintage Bianchi roadie or a sweet but tough Fugi touring roadie. My fave West Hollywood ride is a little park tour I take when I need some fresh air. I ride up to Plummer Park and take in the beautiful trees and sights. From there, I shoot down to Kings Rd. park to sit and listen to the water features. I usually wrap up with a visit to the fountain at the Pacific Design Center and, now, a stop at the new West Hollywood library…fun! Find my crafty bikey stuffs at www.bicichica.etsy.com.”