Bikes & the Plummer Park Renovation

A Safe, Happy, Healthy Plummer Park

We’ve all shared countless beautiful memories of Plummer Park over the years. By working together, we can make sure that this renovation will provide West Hollywood with a safe, happy, healthy Plummer Park long into the future. We’re excited to ensure that future generations will have beautiful memories of their own here in our beloved park.

The West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition recommends that the city incorporate the following infrastructure into the park redesign:

Safe Parking
Theft-resistant bike racks deter crime.

  • Well-lit and highly visible
  • Close to heavy pedestrian traffic
  • Creative shapes are an opportunity to highlight local artists


Safe Streets
Let’s prevent bike/car conflicts.

  • Clear wayfinding signs will prevent unpredictable behavior
  • Lanes & pavement markings will eliminate conflict around the garage

Safe Paths
Traversing the park shouldn’t be risky.

  • Routes for bikes; routes for pedestrians
  • Clear, unambiguous signage
  • Everyone should feel safe as they travel in and around the park

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