Help Bring a Parklet to Spring Street

A message from our friends at the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council:

Parklets are coming to Los Angeles!
The Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC) is seeking volunteers to help conduct the Spring Street Parklet Impact Study. Using techniques adapted from Gehl, LACBC, Whyte, Appleyard and others, you will survey public life to create a snapshot of a typical day in Los Angeles’ famed Historic Core.
Volunteers will count pedestrians and cyclists, conduct interviews and map stationary activities.  We are looking for volunteers that can commit to one or twoof the following shifts:
Wednesday, March 8:  8-10 am12-2 pm5-7 pm
Saturday, March 10:  8-10 am12-2 pm
Additionally we ask that you attend one training session on either of the following dates:
Tuesday, March 6:  3- 4 pm
Signing up is easy! Just click HERE. Tell your friends!
For questions or more info on the Study,
For more information on the Spring Street Parklet initative, visit

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